Unopoly, Inc. is a startup company looking to make huge waves! Black Ursa Media is poised to become the hottest and least expensive Roku and Amazon Fire channel creator, hosting, and maintenance service on the market. We want to make you happy! Try our services; we know that you will be pleased!


Laurence d'Bourbon-Gaston

Founder & CEO

Kimberli M. Perez

Founder, Secretary & VP

Our Clients

The children that we serve

I want to become a strong advocate for all children, especially special needs children and young adults. Unopoly, Inc. will provide me with the means to help those who are less fortunate and provide these young people with hope and belief that they are important and properly cared for by someone who truly cares.

I want to give the disabled a strong voice in this world. I am a survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome and I am disabled. Through Unopoly, Inc. we will help special needs children and young adults get the help and support that they need to grow strong and thrive.

All children, especially special needs children and young adults, are our true clients. Children are our ticket to a better future. They have to be provided with the proper love and support to endure the hardships of life and have hope for a brighter and fulfilling life. We at Unopoly, Inc. are dedicated to doing our part to make children's dreams come true.


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