We would like to offer you a fantastic opportunity. We would like to work with you in our mutual business endeavors. We believe that you may be able to join us in a win-win situation that will enhance our efforts to do business.

We are offering to create and maintain unlimited streaming TV channels for Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV for the lowest prices available. Google Chromecast is coming soon.

We would like to develop an avenue for people with ideas, scripts, and screenplays to get them produced and then shown on our streaming TV channels for public viewing directly, completely bypassing the gatekeepers who keep the average person out of the Hollywood pipeline for movies and TV. Having TV channels of your own bypasses the gatekeepers and allows projects to quickly reach the masses of TV viewers hungry for new content.

Having TV channels solves the distribution problems of TV, film, and video makers, especially for those who do short content. TV, film, and video makers who want to go straight to Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV have a way to do so and make money almost immediately. Furthermore, it's all under your control.

Content can undergo an incubation period in the straight to Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV route and gain followers to catch the eyes of the Big Boys in streaming TV networks, movie executives, and other influential people in the industry.


Creating your own TV channels changes the dynamics of your business and makes your company more responsive to all of the new talent and projects that are being presented.


For your participation in our proposed program we would like to offer you a massive portion of our stock. There are 570 trillion shares total. We will be doing an IPO in the future. What we want to do is have producers on tap who are shareholders of the company receiving submissions and critiquing them for production. Submissions would be garnered for a low fee and you would possibly find new material that you can produce for your own TV channels and other outlets. 

Eventually, a streaming TV channel can become a streaming TV network like Netflix, etc., and you will be an owner. Having complete control of your distribution through your own streaming TV network cuts your costs and allows you to make money on your projects almost immediately. For a limited time we are offering our Pitch a TV Channel producer positions for free, until we have enough producers in different genres. For more information please book a call.


Thank you very much for reviewing this!